Problem: Strong schools make strong communities and the heart of every school is its teachers. Our public education system has made gains in the past decade, but we are still lagging behind and failing many students. That is just not acceptable.


  • Expand school choice programs to give parents a greater voice in their children’s education.

  • Inspire the best and brightest among us to become teachers and reward highly effective teachers.

  • Give school administrators and teachers the power to innovate solutions. High-performing teachers and administrators know what their students need.

  • Provide more vocational and technical tracks in secondary education to meet the needs of today’s students and tomorrow’s workforce.


Fiscal Responsibility

Problem: Almost 90 percent of state spending is locked in silos. The Louisiana Constitution has 35 dedicated funds and hundreds of statutorily dedicated funds.


  • We have to break up constitutionally and statutorily dedicated funding so Louisiana can make wise budgetary decisions. Imagine if your family or business budget was set in stone 30 years ago? Would it make sense for your needs today? Probably not!

  • We must get serious about building our “rainy day” reserves. The national average for General Fund expenditures is about 5.3 percent, but Louisiana’s current balance barely reaches 3 percent. As the state with the 12th most volatile tax base, our families and businesses deserve fiscal policies that create stability and provide a pro-growth environment.



Problem: The Association of Civil Engineers gave Louisiana’s infrastructure a D+ in 2017. A team of 50 engineers studied 11 components of our infrastructure and declared it “poorly maintained, inadequately funded, and not designed to meet tomorrow’s demands.” The report further concluded that Louisiana is “at a disadvantage and will continue to lose its economic competitiveness.” We cannot wait any longer.


  • We have to make rebuilding and repairing our bridges, streets and waterways a priority.

  • We need to consider public-private partnerships to expand resources available.


LEGAL & Regulatory Reform

Problem: Louisiana auto insurance rates and lawsuit costs are among the highest in the nation (nola.com 3/8/19, Shreveport Times 6/6/2019). Tort litigation costs Louisiana families nearly $7 billion a year, which is $4,000 per family. Out of control lawsuits and burdensome regulations are holding Louisiana back.


  • Give citizens greater access to jury trials and cap non-economic damages that can be awarded in civil cases.

  • Reform our occupational licensing system.

  • Create a systematic process for reducing and eliminating unnecessary, burdensome, or outdated state rules and regulations.